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You know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, right? Your spirit is eternal. Doesn't it make sense that you would have spirit friends as well? In this lifetime you have many people close to you, people that you love and people that love you. Many of these people, you would do almost anything for, and they would do the same for you. This is true for other lifetimes as well. Each of these people has their own eternal spirit just like you do. Now, if one of your closest friends were about to embark on a journey as monumental as Life, and you had the ability to stay in your spiritual form and guide them, wouldn't you? Now, don't you think that they would do the same for you? Of course they would!

Your Spirit Guides are your Best Friends without bodies. Do you know who yours are? Do you know why you chose them to be your guides in this lifetime? Do you know why they agreed to be your guide this time around? The better you know your spirit guides the stronger your relationship with them can be. As that relationship grows, communication can become increasingly easier. This allows them to provide you with the guidance that you seek from them. This guidance can prove to be invaluable to you along your path.

We all have one Main Guide. This guide is with us from before birth to after death. For this main guide, we are their ONLY priority. Other members of our spiritual support staff may help many people along with helping you. It is much like life. We may not need our doctor, attorney, therapist, banker or success coach all of the time. However, it is important to know who yours are. These secondary guides may help many people on the earth plane, but that does not make the help that they provide you any less valuable. It can be very important for you to know the members of your spiritual support staff. After all, their job is simply to help you. To know them is to allow them to provide you with even more timely guidance. The quality and clarity of this guidance can also get better and better with practice. The first step, of course, is knowing who they are.

There are many types of Spirit Guides. People with whom we have Past Life Karma with (as mentioned above) are the most common. However, we also have energies that present themselves as Spirit Animals, or Totems. Just like animals here on the Earth plane, they can also be wonderful teachers. We may also have loved ones from this lifetime, who have crossed over, join our spiritual team. Just as they loved and guided us in life, they often continue to in the afterlife. We may also attract the energies of other Light Beings. They may be drawn to you or they may be drawn to the work that you are doing. Your spiritual support team may be made up of your Main Guide, secondary Guides, the Spirits of loved ones who have crossed over, your Totems, Light Beings, Angels, Archangels, etc. The point is that you are not alone. All of these people are on your team and knowing them can make this life's journey so much better!

I have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with my guides since childhood. Back then other people referred to them as my "Imaginary Friends." They have stayed with me throughout my journey and our relationship continues to grow. I find their guidance invaluable. I wish the same rewarding relationship for you with yours. I would love to connect you with your spiritual support team!

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