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Having the right information, at the right time, can be crucial in making any decision. The right guidance can save us an incalculable amount of time, effort, and energy. How many times have you said, "If I had known back then what I know now, I sure would have made different choices." This information is available to you right now!

Each Psychic Reading is as unique as each person requesting it. What is going on in your life right now? What would you like help, information, or guidance on? I want to focus in on the exact questions and answers that are important to you! As we live, learn and grow, new possibilities are always availing themselves to us. When these possibilities arrive, we can feel like we are at a crossroads. If you could take a look down each road and its perspective benefit, you could make a much more informed decision. At other times, our minds, emotions, and our intuition can be in conflict, leaving us paralyzed and confused. The right guidance can clear the fog and the truth is revealed.

The process is very simple... You have a "Spiritual Support Staff"... It is made up of your Higher Self (Spirit), your Guides (our Best Friends without bodies), your Totem Animals (Spirit Friends), Loved Ones (who have crossed over), etc. They know you (often better than you know yourself). They know what is going on in your world. They can see down the road, the outcomes of your choices. They want only the very best for you. My job, essentially, is to act as a translator between you and the unseen forces that guide you. You ask me a question which I relay to them. They give me answers which I relay to you. It is really that simple.

During your session we can delve into multiple areas of your life. The human experience is unique and multifaceted. We constantly juggle Career, Finance, Relationships, Health, Emotions, Spirituality, etc. During your session we can focus on many of these or other specific areas of your life. Remember, having the right information and guidance, at the right time, can make all the difference in the world!

In order to get the most out of your session:
First: Set your intention... Decide to have your ultimate psychic experience before your session even starts. Second: Set your space... Be in a place without distraction. Choose a time and place where you feel quiet and peaceful. Turn off the TV, computer, or radio. Be in a space where you can truly hear and feel your Reading. Third: MAKE A LIST... Make a list of question that you want answers to. The more specific your questions, generally speaking, the more specific and precise your answers will be. If you choose to do these things we can cover an amazing amount of ground during our time together!

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Client Testimonials: (Psychic)

"I immediately felt comfortable with Scott during the reading because I could feel his integrity and sincerity. It was like talking to your best friend who loves you and wants the best for you. His perceptions were very accurate and he offered intelligent and practical solutions to several issues. With Scott's background and education, he is knowledgeable concerning issues relating to the soul's purpose and mission in this lifetime. The information he related to me was of great value to my life's work and also to my relationships with people that are closest to me. He clearly understood my love for animals and how this drives my life's work. I highly recommend him as a counselor that can be trusted."
Agnes Thomas, PhD
Cleveland, OH

"Scott is a loving soul and a gifted seer and healer. In both my personal reading with Scott, as well as in a past life regression session, Scott was simultaneously grounded, clear, sensible and sound, as well as spiritually connected with an uncanny knowing. He also has a delightful sense of humor and an endearing humility! Scott hones straight into the heart of the matter -- literally with so much love and attention to selfless service that it warmed the phone line and made me smile. In my personal reading, Scott went straight to the issues and concerns that were most important to me and, at times, he described them for me before I could frame a question for him. In the process, he led me within to find the answers I realized were -- and are -- there all the time. Scott blends and weaves wisdom, healing, and loving guidance from our deepest spiritual traditions, including the soul of our Judeo Christian world wisdom tradition, as well as many others -- all of which emerge from the same wellspring."
With love and thanks,
Louisa Walker, Ph.D.
New Zealand Registered Clinical Psychologist

"Our first reading was a little over a year ago. First of all I want to tell you that everything we talked about and everything you told me would happen in my life, either facts or directions, it did happen. Some earlier, others later, but it all came to pass. So, I've been thinking about getting another reading in a while and I guess now I am ready."
Take care,
Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you very much for a wonderful reading. I enjoyed it very much and above all you gave me a lot to be happy and grateful about... The insight you had about a great many aspects of my life was extremely helpful and enlightening. In fact, I felt more at ease and confident after the reading. I am looking forward to the dates you gave- as turning points in my life. I shall keep you updated... I am grateful to the universe for bringing you to this juncture of my life. I shall contact you once again, soon, for another reading." Thank you very much. Blessings!
Hong Kong, China


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