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Socrates, the well known ancient Greek philosopher, said, "It surprises me no more to have been born more than once than it surprises me to have been born once." Many of the world's great minds have shared this belief. Freidrich Nietzsche says, "Live so that thou mayest desire to live again - that is thy duty - for in any case thou wilt live again!"

Has your spirit walked the Earth before in other times and other bodies? Who were you then? Were you male or female? What race, nationality, color and creed were you? Who did you love? How did you spend your days? What were your strengths and challenges? What did you learn? What karmas were created in that lifetime that effect your present life? Do you think that you could benefit from your own past lifetime of experiences and memories?

In modern psychology, we know that we need to go back to where something is rooted, its origin in order to bring about real change. What if its energy is rooted in another lifetime? Why continue to struggle with pulling the weed in this life if its roots are in another life? If part of the reason that you are alive today is to balance past Karma, wouldn't it make sense to know what those Karmas are? They say, "Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it." Why not give yourself the benefit of that information? If we have lived other lifetimes doesn't it stand to reason that they can be as important to us as this lifetime is? The great Oracle at Delfy says, "Know thy self". This would, in real terms, refer to your real self (Spirit) as well as knowing yourself in this and other lifetimes. This can be an invaluable key in self mastery or life mastery.

The Past Life Regression is just what its name implies. You are "regressed" or taken back into those other lifetimes. This is not a Past Life Reading (where the psychic simply tells you the information). Rather, it is an induced state where you "see" and "feel" the lifetime for yourself. It is much like watching a movie where you are the main character, only you feel every experience. This movie can be rewound or fast-forwarded. We can often get the main points of an entire life inside of a 1 hour session together. It will feel as real to you as any memory that you have in this lifetime. This happens because they really are your memories, your experiences. They are waiting for you to rediscover and connect with them. The purpose of these past experiences is to enable you to truly make the most of your journey in this lifetime! It has made a tremendous difference in my life and in the lives of countless people around the globe. Are you ready to remember? Would you like me to guide you through the process?

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Client Testimonials: (Past Life Regression)

"I knew little about past life regression before being led by Scott to a point in a past life that was familiar and ultimately healing. The visualization process Scott uses is deceptively simple, here-and-now, and grounded. At the same time, the process allows one to "tap into" or, "download" as Scott would say, past experience and self-awareness on a soul level. This is a powerful form of therapy. I realized that you have to trust the visualization even when it can feel like, "I'm just making this up". Yes, but, it had to come from somewhere! Psychologists would say that it is simply a projection -- a story line based on a free-association of current underlying dilemmas, concerns, and personal conflicts. Yes, but, where did it come from? The experience was moving and felt genuine. Scott also does a wonderful job of explaining the regression process. This includes an emotional component that is essential to the process "feeling" genuine. Most of us fear that part being way too painful or overwhelming. Scott, somehow, is able to mediate that and, at the same time, offers the means to "integrate" and gain key awareness for corrective action! The healing that comes through regression is like a very simple, beautiful, golden key that unlocks the experiences and conflicts of the past and frees one forever. We all have a lot more to learn from Scott and more to understand about this healing journey he leads you through time. The experience is liberating, loving and fun. I love what Scott does and how he does it and wish you this gift to yourself!" With love and thanks,
Louisa Walker, Ph.D.
New Zealand Registered Clinical Psychologist

"I had heard about Scott from a friend of mine who raved about her reading with him. I knew I HAD to contact Scott. I have been dealing with a 24 hour a day headache since 10/1/95 due to a neck injury...which was made worse in a hit-and-run car accident on 9/5/04. At this point, due to nerve damage, the right side of my face is drooping slightly and the MDs and numerous alternative methods I've tried have been useless. I already knew that I had a long history of dying due to things happening to my neck in previous lives...and did try to release the traumas in past life regression, but even that didn't work. I realized during my 2 hour phone session with Scott that the reason my prior attempts didn't work was because I didn't EMOTIONALLY understand, forgive, and thank. In trying to describe what the session was like, the only way I can really describe it is to call it psychology at a soul level over the rainbow of time. Where normal counseling is more superficially limited, this approach treated my soul's growth since the beginning of time. Scott helped me see that even bad things served a higher purpose, and assisted me with healing the pain. Scott toured my spine and accurately described what he saw going on in my neck (at least from what doctors have guessed) and did energy work to assist in rewiring my damaged aura. It is now less than 48 hours later, and although I am not pain free with my face restored...I honestly feel a shift and think I'm on the way to recovery. I have my homework to do which will continue that which we began 2 days ago. My pain is fluctuating, which in and of itself is a good sign. Usually it doesn't budge. I am hopeful I'll have a better future. I also got very helpful information about more "frivolous" topics like, "Where should I live?" To prove his accuracy, one of the two places I was considering relocating to was the first place Scott mentioned. :-) Well, this testimonial is probably too long, but I wanted to mention everything to help others coming to this website to understand what Scott offers. His readings are more than standard intuitive readings."
West Hollywood, CA


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