Do you suffer from a discomfort, disease, or chronic condition? It can be healed! The healing process can be monumentally simple or complex. Each person, each condition, is unique as can be their solution.

The body naturally wants to heal itself. When we get a cut, for example, our body naturally heals itself. We do not have to tell it to heal; will it to heal; pray for it to heal; or have any special training. The body simply heals itself. When the body is unable to heal itself, the condition often has a greater purpose. At that point, the condition is actually the side effect, not the cause. Once we discover the actual purpose for the condition, we can then move past it.

The outer body almost mirrors our inner or energetic bodies. There are seven major Chakras, or energy centers, throughout the body. Psychics, Healers, and Mystics have "seen" and worked with these Energy Centers for thousands of years. Modern Western Medicine confirms this by identifying the seven main "ganglia of nerves." Each of these nerve centers is located specifically where the mystics have seen each corresponding Chakra. The word Chakra means "Spinning Disk" in ancient Sanskrit, because that is how the ancient people saw them, as spinning disks of different lights. When these Chakras are in their proper alignment, size, shape, and velocity, the body experiences perfect health. The Chakra system is an energy system that powers the physical body. I see them like interconnected water balloons. When a Chakra begins to get depleted, it then begins to borrow energy from its neighbor. If it gets depleted enough, then it simply does not have enough energy to power the physical body in its area. This becomes a "weak link" in the body and it becomes more susceptible to injury, illness, discomfort, or disease. In contrast, if a Chakra holds to much energy, it can overload or burn out the physical body around it. Too much or too little energy can be detrimental. This is why we work with the energetic bodies first and the physical body second to insure lasting results.

It is often easy for the mind to comprehend balancing energy with energy. But how is physical healing through energy even possible? To begin, let us look at the illusion of the physical. We all know that if you put any physical matter under a proper microscope it will show the building blocks of that matter. It will show the protons and electrons, the molecules, and particles, even the atoms that make up the cell of the physical. What are these basic building blocks? They are just little balls of energy bouncing around and bumping into one another. They are scientifically defined as simply energy and information. It is important to remember that any ailment, discomfort, disease, or condition is also made up, in the physical, of these little balls of energy. These too can be changed just as easily as balancing a Chakra. Dramatic physical healing is possible, regardless of distance or condition, because we are simply changing or reorienting the energy and information of the disease cells with new energy and information of healthy ones.

There may also be a subconscious or "Past Life" connection to an ailment. In order to heal anything completely, we must go to where it is truly rooted, its origin. Think of it like pulling a weed, if we do not get the roots, it will continue to reappear. However, if we remove the weed, roots and all, then it rarely if ever returns. We access these records through the subconscious. It is a really easy, yet incredibly profound experience. Some people call this process Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy. Other people call it a "Past Life Regression," "Present Life Regression," or "Between Life Regression". Regardless of the terminology, it is an easy process where you have your own first-hand spiritual experience. You will be guided every step of the way in discovering the root and balancing whatever energy is there. Once the pain no longer has a purpose, its healing can be almost instantaneous.

Throughout history, there have been and continue to be "Natural Healers" or "Spiritual Healers". These people, like myself, act like jumper cables to "Source Energy" or "God". From childhood I could "see" and "work with" energy. I would see colors or parts of the human anatomy that didn't look right. I would then make colors in my hands and lay my hands on the person who needed help. The colors in and around that person would change. The person would say that they felt huge amounts of heat coming from my hands and the doctors would tell us both that, "something had happened" and that the person was healed. I continue to work with this gift of healing, as I have for 30+ years. As I have come to understand it, work with it, and develop it over the years, I have realized that distance does not matter. I get the same effects whether the person is in the same room with me or if they are half-way around the globe. I thank God for this gift and remain in awe of the energy that "Source" pours through me, and the difference it makes with those that I work with.

As I said in the beginning, "Each person's condition is different as is his or her solution." Although I was born a "Natural Healer" I have dedicated myself to understanding the "Healing Process" better. I have also studied and worked with many different modalities of healing. I continue to improve myself so that I might better be of service to you. I will use any or all of the healing abilities, tools, or techniques that you need. I remain in awe of the miracles that I get to be a part of. I would love for the next miracle to be yours!

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Client Testimonials: (Healing)

"Scott, I want to thank you for healing my right hip. I have been in pain since I injured it in 1990. I have not felt pain in my hip since our session. God Bless you and thanks again!"
Billie Brackenbury
Riverton, WY

"A good friend had told me about a psychic medium, Scott Christiansen, who had helped his family and himself in a number of ways. He then told me that I should get a session with Scott. As an ABSOLUTE SCEPTIC, I was not sure that I should... but I trusted my friend enough to try, THANK YOU! I totally was not prepared but I asked Scott some questions, pertinent to me, and he answered them all with complete accuracy. I had also been having problems with my breathing due to a bout with Pneumonia. I was taking antibiotics and inhalation aerosol treatments, just to breathe. I told Scott about this and he asked if he could try helping me to breathe a little better, I said yes. He focused his healing energy on my neck and upper chest for about 10 minutes. When he finished, I was shocked. I could breathe without coughing and have not taken the treatments or medication since, nor have I had the chest problem. Did he make a believer out of me? ABSOLUTELY! I want to see him again when I am more prepared and not so skeptical or unsure of what to expect. Scott is a remarkable man and as soon as you meet him you will feel like you have always known him, he makes you feel like you have found a long lost friend. Scott Christiansen is a caring, honest, personable man with a big heart. THANKS SCOTT! I will see you again, soon, I hope!"
Shirley Niederkorn

"Scott, your healing has helped me so much. I am evolving and I hope, growing and moving forward in my life. I no longer need strong prescription narcotic pain medication. My physicians are amazed and impressed by this. I am believing in the miracle that life can be again. There are no words to express my appreciation to you for giving me back my life. I am no longer living in a lonely cocoon filled with severe chronic pain and deep depression. Thank you!"
Mary Lydic
Retired RN

"Scott, I initially felt that the healing did not take but guess what - it is slowing healing and the tremendous searing pain has slowly lessened - it took more than 12 hours to set in - but I can't thank you enough. I am now in an excellent PT group that is using water to help strengthen the spine and paraspinsous muscle that you managed to untangle. Thank you so much!!!"
Janis Trammell

"Scott, thank you for healing my dog Ruger, who was diagnosed with Cancer. After his session with Scott I took him in for blood work and he was given a clean bill of health. The vet stated that his complete recovery "was a mystery" but nothing showed up in his blood work at all. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy him longer!"
T. Kirko

"The reading with you was phenomenal. You were right on all you noticed. You were able to pick up the physical body issues I am dealing with and the reasoning of those issues. Thank you so much for the reading and the healing. I felt better than I had in a long time as well as got confirmation as to what has been and was going on."
Carol Briggs
Casper, WY

"I was a skeptic. However, while rounding the house during an investigation my left knee popped. I was only able to hobble and could not bend the knee. This has been a bad knee for some time and I have been holding off on surgery. Scott layed hands on first my chest then the knee. For a couple days it felt like it was changing ( Hard to explain ) But today about five days later the knee is flexible and no pain. I am getting ready to start light exercise with it . I will be in touch with Scott to look into his classes also."
Casey McCarthy
Land o Lakes, Fla.


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