Scott Christiansen Gabriel is an internationally known and respected Psychic, Medium, Healer, Regressionist, Life Coach, Instructor, Author & Media Personality. In 2007 he was honored by the United States Congress with a Congressional Leadership Award. In 2008 he was a keynote speaker at a (10 day) United Nations Conference on Spirituality and Ethics in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Scott has headlined many Metaphysical Events with other well known people such as Dannion Brinkley, where he has attracted more than 7,000 attendees. Scott makes over 100+ media appearances annually. His Clients include the FBI, Fortune 500 Companies, Celebrities, Large & Small Businesses, Government Agencies, and multitudes of people from all around the globe. Scott is highly sought after because he is simply very good at what he does. His repeat clients and countless testimonials speak to his authenticity, accuracy, validatibility & results! [read more]
Today is Sunday, February 25th, 2018.
Scott's Next Event: Feb. 18th (Thu) 2010, 10AM (EST)
Host: What You Love To Do!
We invite you to join us for a book study every Thursday morning at 10:00 AM. The address is 602 Brevard Ave. in Cocoa, FL please call 321-503.0304 for more information. Right now we are studying, reading and discussing Michael Beckwith's new book. It is a great group of people that meet for this Spiritual Coffee every week. It is open to the public and we invite everyone to attend! See you there! [read more]
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